Saturday, July 8, 2017

Getting an MFA in Comics

At the beginning of July (2017) I started my low-residency mfa program in comics at the California College of the Arts. For the next three July's (the current one included) will be a month long intensive workshop. Classes begin at 9 in the morning and end around 7:30 at night.

The first week of my first summer was all about comics theory and craft. We looked at some strange and unconventional comic artists like Dash Shaw and Chris Ware. Focus was on creating thumbnails, studying the visual relationships of panels and the space on the page and how they're used to evoke various sensations of time. Comics are about visual relationship. Text, Composition, Panel size and shape; How they're placed in relation to each other is important in how you want to tell your story. We did some crazy exercises in class but I didn't take any pictures of those.

I forgot to snap some shots of our first homework assignment, an exercise in time. We did 3 six panel one page comics for something that happens in One Second, One Hour, and One Day. It was a great exercise that limited how many drawings we could use to portray three very different lengths of time.

 Our second homework assignment required the use of the following: A child, A red balloon, A park, And the balloon has to come to life. And it had to be 8 to 10 pages. This exercise was about creating a short narrative and playing with panel layout.

Our Third and final homework assignment was a two nighter. We had to pick a song and use it as inspiration to come up with a 8-12 page comic. The first night we do a rough thumbnail, critique it and the second night we do it better. The Song I picked was All along the Watchtower, the Hendrix version.

And the Second Version

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Law of the Nomad - the comic

I've begun my journey into comic books, and my first big step is the Law of the Nomad. The Law of the Nomad is an original story created by myself and my brother Lucas Soto. It follows the journey of Makya, a Nomad, which in this world is a wandering law enforcer; he is on a mission to track down and capture a rogue Nomad by the name of Nashoba, whose intentions threaten to upset the current order laid out by the government.

The first chapter/issue is complete. However as I am trying to get it off the ground and hopefully make some money, I don't want to post the whole thing to the internet quite yet. So here are the first few pages, as a taste.

The bird's hair is the wrong color, I just haven't corrected it yet.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Art of Red Scanlon

Red Scanlon is our arcade bullet hell shooter that we made for the GiantROM game jam. It's up and playable here. The current build was made in 9 days by Myself and my brother Lucas who did the coding. Music by TheHamsterAlliance.

Here's some of the art for the game.

The Title Screen

The Main Menu
Episode Selection Screen

Playscreen UI

The Red Scanlon




Laser Barge

Missile Raider

Sentry Turret